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2003 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On February 28, 2004, at 1:30 P.M. EST (6:30 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, not including side-comments that those in attendance made on the #peanut-gallery channel. Should you wish to see those comments, a version with those comments is also available.


lpsmith exclaims, "Next up: Best Setting! And, here to present the nominees and the award: Peter Nepstad!"
atholbrose asks (of J_J_Guest), "Y2, brute?"
Sargent says, "yay!"
zebulon claps
Storme says, "yay!"
Jacqueline says, "Yay Peter!"
Guest4 exclaims, "xyzzy!"
PeterN approaches the podium tentatively, and adjusts the microphone.
Rob claps
Gunther says, "up next, Nelly with >TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES"
Iain walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.
Matthew claps.
Paul exclaims, "Hooray Peter!"
yhlee cheers.
Chrysoula cheers Peter!
(From PeterN) A blast of feedback screeches from the mic.
FreakBoy says YOHO
Addreamy claps
Jacqueline says, "Ouch."
zebulon covers his ears
PeterN says, "Sorry about that."
Matthew says, "OW MY HIT POINTS"
DavidW claps for Peter. "Yay!"
Rob says, "owwwwuue"
Emmett says, "Ah, where computer science meets third-grade diorama building."
Jearl claps
yhlee fumbles for her earplugs again.
maga asks (of PeterN), "more used to homacoustic commutators, hmm?"
PeterN says, "Thanks for inviting me to present this award, it is an honor and priveledge."
JessK says, "My blood hurts."
Oren has disconnected.
Oren holekh ha'bayta.
Gunther says (to maga), "that's illegal except in california"
Paolo claps
Rob claps
Ghogg applauds
PeterN asks, "Let's get right to it, shall we?"
Kwi screams like a hysteric fangirl. Er, boy. _Boy_.
yhlee cheers.
PeterN says, "The nominees for the award for Best Setting are:"
<Guest2> I'm not here to be entertained! Stop amusing me!
PeterN says, "City of Secrets, by Emily Short"
FreakBoy cheers!
peccable cheers.
Rob claps!
maga says, "woo woo"
Gunther cheers Comatose Em
DavidW claps!
kyria79 cheers for emily again!
Sargent says, "yay"
zebulon claps
Addreamy cheers
Paolo exclaims, "yay"
Sarcasmo applauds
Storme says, "yay!"
Photon claps.
Jacqueline claps and cheers.
inky applauds
yhlee applauds
alkahest says, "yay"
Matthew claps1
PeterN says, "Gourmet, by Aaron Reed"
Matthew exclaims, "Er, !"
FreakBoy cheers!
peccable applauds.
Rob applauds
DavidW claps.
zebulon exclaims, "Yay"
Addreamy cheers
Paolo claps
Photon claps.
Matthew claps.
yhlee claps.
Jacqueline applauds.
JoshuaH boils.
lpsmith cheers
Oren arrives from the west.
kyria79 cheers for gourmet, again
PeterN says, "Narcolepsy, by Adam Cadre"
FreakBoy cheers!
Gunther says, "CLAP1 IF (N)PLAYER EQ (N)AARON"
Paul Yay Emily!
Photon claps.
Rob says, "yay pneumatic restaurants"
peccable claps.
Addreamy cheers
Matthew claps!
Sarcasmo claps
Jearl says, "woooot!"
kyria79 cheers for Adam Cadre, again
alkahest cheers!
DavidW applauds.
Guest2 arrives from the west.
zebulon exclaims, "Yay Narcolepsy!!!"
Earth exclaims, "Yay Adam!"
brut exclaims, "leave COS alone!"
two-star claps.
PeterN says, "Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Daniel Ravipinto and Star Foster"
Rob claps!
FreakBoy cheers!
Gunther cheers Adam
Paolo says, "Yay dreamstuff"
Photon claps.
Rob claps!
yhlee applauds, and is glad that in MUDland her hands don't start hurting!
Emmett says, "Emily's spending a year being dead for tax purposes."
peccable grins.
Chrysoula says, "Yay steampunk!"
yhlee cheers.
Addreamy cheers
alkahest exclaims, "yay for las playas!!!!!!!!"
Sky exclaims, "Yay Daniel and Star!"
Matthew applauds loudly.
Ced claps
DavidW cheers!
Jacqueline claps.
Rob says, "too fast too keep up!"
kyria79 slouches again
zebulon exclaims, "Yay steampunk!"
Guest7 goes home.
</Guest7> Had this been a real Guest, the preceding logon would have been followed by inane questions.
Gunther yays Dan & Star
Jearl says, "yay Bedlam!"
JoshuaH cheers.
Sargent says, "woo"
alkahest exclaims, "yay dan and star!"
lpsmith claps!
PeterN says, "and finally, To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest"
Rob applauds all nominees
FreakBoy cheers!
eileen applauds for all the nominees
Photon claps.
Matthew claps.
J_J_Guest puts ear trumpet in his ear
peccable cheers!
DavidW claps
Addreamy cheers
Sarcasmo cheers
yhlee applauds.
alkahest cheers
Paul exclaims, "Yay JJ!"
Gunther applauds JJ
K-Y applauds.
inky says (to JJ), "hee hee"
FreakBoy starts drumroll.
kyria79 whistles again
Rob mm hamper
Paolo says, "yay balloon"
Storme cheers
PeterN says, "and the winner is..."
atholbrose claps for everyone!
Sargent says, "woo"
yhlee holds her breath.
PeterN says, "Oh, crap, I left the envelope on the Midway."
kyria79 shushes the crowd
Rob says, "ha ha booo"
Gunther says, "noooo"
Paolo says, "YAY! - no, wait..."
Jacqueline falls over.
FreakBoy continues drumroll.
zebulon holds yhlee's breth, too
PeterN says, "Its going to take me about 80 moves to get there and back."
Guest4 exclaims, "Doh!"
Paul says, "Oh, it's only 110 rooms away..."
Rob laughs
Jacqueline says, "ha"
DavidW says, "Take the rolling chair!"
peccable says, "No, that's bad, Gir."
Paul says, "Timing..."
Sargent says (to PeterN), "ha!"
Paolo asks, "didn't you save?"
(From PeterN) A large ourangutang emerges from the rear of the auditorium, hands Peter the envelope, steals a few things, and swings off, whooping.
Gunther says, "I hope you have debug mode on"
Kwi says, "PURLOIN it, or something!"
Matthew says, "Wow."
Rob says, "yay!"
Chrysoula laughs and laughs.
Chrysoula says, "Yay!"
Sargent says, "woo!"
Kwi says, "Woo, monkeys!"
Rob says, "that must be the librarian"
Paolo says, "lucky guy"
lpsmith laughs, claps.
Storme asks, "hey, where's my wallet?"
PeterN says, "Well, that was lucky. And the winner is..."
peccable exclaims, "Yay! L-Space!"
lpsmith exclaims (at Rob), "Hee!"
Guest4 exclaims, "Hooray for monkeys!"
Gunther says, "*ape*"
FreakBoy continues drumroll.
Gunther says, "not monkey"
alkahest exclaims, "yay librarian!"
Rob says, "and my bananas are missing!"
maga says (to orang), "COME BACK WITH OUR AWARDS"
Sargent says (to Rob), "WorldFair-Space"
PeterN exclaims, "Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Daniel Ravipinto and Star Foster!!!"
Rob cheers!
Paolo exclaims, "YAY!"
inky says, "woo!"
Photon applauds.
Chrysoula says, "Yay!"
Addreamy cheers loudly
zarf yay!
Sargent says, "woo!"
Storme says, "woo!"
peccable oohs.
Ghogg exclaims, "woohoo!"
lpsmith cheers!
FreakBoy cheer!
Sarcasmo stands
Gunther says, "Woo Dan 'n' Star!"
kyria79 exclaims, "yeah!"
Paul cheers!
JessK says, "hurray!! for yall!"
alkahest exclaims, "yay!!!!!!!!!"
FreakBoy cheers!
Matthew exclaims, "Hooray!"
J_J_Guest claps!
Guest4 cheers!
DavidW says, "Hooray!"
eileen applauds hysterically
K-Y cheers
Paolo exclaims, "Go Slouching!"
Sky cheers!
PeterN exclaims, "Congrats!"
JoshuaH cheers!
yhlee exclaims, "Hurrah!"
two-star cheers!
Emmett says, "WHOOOOOOT!@#"
peccable says, "wow."
Jacqueline claps!
Earth cheers!
Jearl says, "woot!"
Matthew applauds excessively.
Bishop applauds.
zebulon cheers wildly
Ced woots
alkahest exclaims, "hurrah for dan and star!!!!!!!!!"
atholbrose applauds!
DavidW clap clap claps!
peccable wanders onstage.
Kwi mumbles, "Monkeys are funnier," then cheers.
Dino claps
alkahest exclaims, "w00t w00t w00t!!!!!"
Paolo claps and claps again
Rob says, "hooray dismal creepy settings"
kyria79 claps
Emmett says, "Stay Tuned for Slouching Toward Bedlam II : Corpse Removal in Turn-Of-The-Century London."
Sarcasmo says, "Thanks, everone, And thanks to London and Bethelhem Hospital for having the forsight to have such interesting history for us to pillage"
Jota claps.
peccable laughs.
Rob claps
yhlee laughs.
lpsmith grins.
Paolo claps
peccable says, "Uh. Yeah. What she said."
zebulon cheers
DavidW says, "ya"
Kwi says, "Yay!"
Sargent says (to Sarcasmo and peccable), "yay!"
Ellison walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.
lpsmith exclaims, "Hey, now we know who's who!"
Ghogg says, "yay best pillaged setting"
Emmett cheers
peccable says, ""Talent copies. Genius steals.""
Rob says (to lpsmith), "I was thinking the same thing"
Bishop says (to Ghogg), "No, that was RPG."
Sarcasmo cradles award gently
DavidW says, "hee hee"
peccable exclaims, "Thank you everyone!"
alkahest claps for star!
Paolo claps and cheers
PeterN trips off the stage, and tries to make it look like he meant to sit down.
alkahest claps for dan!
peccable sits himself down.
yhlee claps and claps.
DavidW says, "Congrats, you two!"
Guest4 says, "Hooray"
Matthew claps.
Rob applauds
Ellison says, "yay"
Sarcasmo sits down
Paul exclaims, "Hooray for co-authors!"
J_J_Guest claps
lpsmith claps and returns to the stage.
(From Dino) Suddenly, the song _I'm Alright_ by Kenny Loggins begins playing from unseen speakers. The lobster, emerging from the folds of the curtain, stands up on his tail and dances.
atholbrose claps.
Gunther says (to Dino), "eeeagh"
kyria79 covers ears
zarf says, "yay!"
Paolo exclaims, "Lobester!"
inky says (to Dino), "hee hee"
Rob says, "heh"
Addreamy laughs
alkahest exclaims, "yay lobster!"
zarf says, "Quadrille! Quadrille!"
peccable says, ""Run!""
lpsmith says (to lobster), "I hope you delivered that award already."
Gunther says, "Quesadilla!"

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