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by Andrew Pontious

Posted 4 August 2000 to

**Interactive Fiction Review Conspiracy**
Review of Chris Charla's LIFE ON GUE STREET
( or
by Sam Barlow.

[Actually by Andrew Pontious. -Ed.]

Life on Gue Street Life is a parody of the 1999 competition game "Life on Beal Street" ( or which was written by Ian Finley but submitted to the contest anonymously.

In the original Beal Street, you were told "this is not a game" and "leave your expectations at the curb side." For a piece of IF, it is short, with little opportunity for interaction -- basically an experiment.

Charla takes the same text and rewrites it for humorous effect with Zork references. You can scroll the text of both side-by-side down your screen (as I did) and see what he changed.

It works because it has something to make fun of. The rambling, sentimental prose of the original leaves itself open to parody. To a degree, as the author himself hints at, this is the revenge of every classic adventure game lover who's been forced to play self-important experimental games in the IF competitions for years now.

Then again, Life on Gue Street shouldn't be taken as too much of a manifesto: it's just a short, fun little joke on the original, worth playing for 5 or 10 minutes to get the effect.

I recommend it.

This article copyright © 2000, Andrew Pontious

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