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by Wendy Moon

Posted 19 November 2005 to

Just a few notes on a few games from the IF Comp. And some suggestions for alternative entertainment for those weary of the whole thing.


I'm almost immediately put off by this one. The guide seems to leave me with nothing to discover about the plot or characters. Or the game, really, as it includes a full transcript in the walkthrough. Why play? The language and the magic twist were just too much for me. Interesting premise—skip the game and see it done much better in Double Indemnity.

Mix Tape

Had problems running this one at first. The blurb in the readme got me, though, relating a mix tape to poetry. I found myself taking the time to upgrade my interpreter to play. Only to be disappointed. Just didn't feel emotionally involved in this. Wasn't completely sure I got what went wrong and didn't like what was supposed to make it better. For a better way to purge those breakup emotions, I suggest making your own mix tape. Include "your" song to get the tears flowing, then something more powerful to make you feel in control (may I suggest There U Go by Pink or I Will Survive, Cake version). Be sure to also include something meaningful by some band no one else has ever heard of to reassure yourself that you are indeed unique and special and that someday someone will understand and appreciate that.


Well, this is cheerful. I couldn't get very far in this one, only because it was really depressing me. I'm all for serious works with something to say. But I want to have some fun, too. The time and effort put into this definitely showed; it was well-written, detailed, atmospheric. I'd like to know where this all ends up but I just can't take it. Step away from the computer, get out into the sunshine, look at some pretty flowers, be glad you aren't living this game.

Hello Sword

This seems to have a lot of enthusiasm behind it but I just can't play it. To be fair, I couldn't write a game in Italian that would be nearly so good. But, yeah, I wouldn't try. Read the intro, then rent Life is Beautiful instead.


Interesting story happening here. Enjoyed doing some investigating but didn't get too far. Never quite got back to it yet. Too lazy to play like me? Veg out to some Law and Order reruns.

Tough Beans

Yay, I get to play a blond girl named Wendy! Yeah, I have some problems, too. This game definitely stood out to me, and was one of the few that sucked me in right away. I had more fun at the beginning - later I resorted to the walkthrough to see what else I was supposed to be doing. (Some things made more sense than others.) Never scored higher than an 8, and the endings I found weren't completely satisfying. Also was frustrated by not being able to do more to the car. But overall, a fun and refreshing game. Make it a theme night: watch Legally Blonde, play Tough Beans, get empowered.

This article copyright © 2005, Wendy Moon

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