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My COMP01 votes

by Timofei Shatrov

Posted 16 November 2001 to

Here are my votes for this competition.

1 (1 game) - this game angered me.
2 (0 games) - nothing
3 (4 games) - really bad
4 (5 games) - bad
5 (2 games) - worse than average
6 (12 games) - average
7 (13 games) - better than average
8 (6 games) - good
9 (1 game) - very good 10(2 games) - extremely good

So there are:
9 good games
27 average games
10 bad games

And some are not counted (Several Glulx games don't work for me, one Adrift game (Mystery Manor), one German game (Begegnung am Fluss) and both Windows games (2112 worked but I can't see items in containers).

Here are the scores:
Words in brackets show my impression after 2 hours of playing.

9: The Gostak (gostak.z5) (Very good idea!)
Now I'd give it a 10. When I started voting I thought there will be better games.

3: Jump (jump.z5) (?)

4: an apple from nowhere (aafn.ulx) (?)

6: Grayscale (gryscale.gam) (pretty good adventure)
But I got stuck with it...

3: You Were Doomed From The Start (doomed/DOOMED.EXE) (just stupid)
Well, it's not THAT stupid. It's better than TLJC. I'd give it 5 now.

4: Goofy (goofy.htm) (no good)

7: Shattered Memory (shatmem.z5) (Good idea but I got stuck very lately)
Now, I'd give it 8. Really cool game! But there was no walkthrough when I played it.

8: Colours (colours.z5) (Liked it much)
Simple, but good.

8: Moments Out of Time (moments.z6) (Nice idea)
I got stuck on interrogation. I don't know what to answer.

6: Stranded (stranded.gam) (A bit unlogical)
A bit??? It's completely unlogical.

3: Best of Three (Bestof3.blb) (?)

6: Heroes (heroes.z5) (not bad...)

5: SURREAL (surreal/SURREAL.BAT) (Not bad...)

7: Crusade (crusade.z5) (Illogical but funny)
Yep, really funny.

10: A Night Guest (ng.gam) (IT'S GREAT!)

6: Journey from an Islet (journey.gam) (unlogical)

6: Fusillade (fusillad.gam) (???)

10: Vicious Cycles (cycles.z5) (Good idea, very good puzzles!)
Really good!

1: The Newcomer (newcomer.z5) (Am I supposed to die??? Also very buggy)
I was very angry at this game. You mean I need to type XYZZY in the beginning???

6: Earth And Sky (eas.z5) (Got stuck and no walkthrough...)
I hate games w/o walkthroughs!

7: Silicon Castles (castles.z5) (Good)

4: The Last Just Cause (TLJC.exe) (Too boring)

6: Fine Tuned (finetune.z8) (Boring too)
Long and boring.

7: Bane of the Builders (bb.z5) (Good plot, but too hard w/o walkthrough)

6: Prized Possession (possess/Alys.z5) (Didn't like it)

8: The Beetmonger's Journal (Beet.gam) (Funny good adventure)
This is cool!

5: Schroedinger's Cat (schroed.z5) (I didn't managed to put cat in box :( )
Now I managed to do it. 6 now.

7: You Are Here (URHere.z5) (Nice idea but I get stuck with Ruby of Chaos)

7: All Roads (AllRoads.z5) (The beginning was kinda cool but it gets boring to the end.)

6: The Evil Sorcerer (evil.z5) (Elixir bug spoiled good game)

8: Film at Eleven (eleven.z5) (Cool adventure)
Interstate Zero was cool. And this game rocks in the same way.

7: The Chasing (chasing.acd) (unlogical but good)

6: The Cave of Morpheus (tcom.taf) (average)

8: Triune (triune.gam) (Strange game... but good)

4: Kallisti (kallisti.gam) (I got stuck and the game is kinda stupid)

4: Lovesong (lovesong.asl) (Stupid)

7: To Otherwhere and Back (toab.acd) (I liked it)

7: The Isolato Incident (isolato.acd) (???)

7: Volcano Isle (volcano.gam) (Average adventure)

7: Elements (elements.z5) (Very addictive but TOO unlogical) And too long.

8: The Cruise (cruise.gam) (Did you try to drink from the toilet?)
If I didn't die that way, it will be 7. I was so amused.

7: The Coast House (coast.gam) (not the best, not the worst)

6: Timeout (Timeout.z5) (I expected much more from the intro)
It could be cool antiutopia game. Shame it isn't.

7: No Time To Squeal (ntts.gam) (Good, but not my taste)
This was the first game I played. I'd give it 8 now.

6: The Test (thetest.taf) (The game is cool but very buggy)
Try to type "...___... slot" in the Morse room :). I like math stuff in this game though.

This article copyright © 2001, Timofei Shatrov

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