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[Comp01] Comments

by Gunther Schmidl

Posted 18 November 2001 to

First, congratulations to Jon, L. Ross, Sean and Robb/Mike. This is probably the first year I couldn't agree more with the winners (though I didn't play the first three enough to score them)

However, apart from that, this was a pretty bad year, so I'll only comment on the games I liked. I played (I think) 12 all in all, 7 of which were scored 2 or below, then I gave up in frustration.


NO TIME TO SQUEAL got a clean ten, because it was definitely the coolest game in the competition. Well written and funny and, finally, almost bug free. The repeated restarts chilled me.

STIFFY MAKANE was disgusting, but hilarious. Kudos to Adam for daring to enter such a game.

CARMA was nicely written, but hardly interactive and I couldn't be arsed to play the tightly time-limited end part again.

2112 I enjoyed as far as I played it, which was about a third through.

And finally, of course, BEGEGNUNG AM FLUSS, which was incredibly hard even though German is my first language. I needed heavy teamwork to actually solve it (and then only got 3 out of 4 points).

This article copyright © 2001, Gunther Schmidl

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